Our Oceans Are in Limited Supply

Our Devotion to the Ocean

Like any natural resource, we appreciate that what’s in our oceans is a limited supply. Sadly, poor fishing practices threaten the health of our ocean’s ecosystems and risk the destruction of essential fish stocks. Our fish and seafood policy means customers can support responsible fishing and farming by shopping at ALDI.

Our entire canned tuna range is sourced responsibly, and our customers can find out where their tuna comes from by using the ‘trace your tuna’ tool on our website (find out more below).

We are working with our suppliers to ensure greater traceability across our range, and to allow us to continuously review and improve our fish and seafood products. To help us do so, we have an ongoing partnership with the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP), an independent non-profit organisation that helps to reduce the impact of fishing and fish farming around the world. The SFP helps us to measure the environmental of our seafood ranges, and to engage with our suppliers so we can improve fishing and farming practices throughout our supply chain.


Responsibly Sourced

When you see the Responsibly Sourced logo on pack, it means that the product has been independently certified as responsibly farmed, or sourced from a fishery that is actively improving the conservation of wild fish populations - it’s the kind of sea change we can all be proud of!

Responsibly Sourced products are either:

  • Certified by one of the following certification schemes: Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) (minimum 2 Stars) or Global G.A.P.
  • Sourced from a healthy fish population as assessed by SFP based on catch method, maximum yield and total allowable catch.
  • Sourced from a fishery or farm that is participating in a fishery/aquaculture improvement project.


Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

We have a large range of MSC certified fish and seafood.The MSC logo provides independent verification that the wild-caught fish in a product has come from responsible sources. That means you can support responsible fishing just by shopping at ALDI

ALDI wins Marine Stewardship Council's 2020 Sustainable Seafood Award for Mid-Sized Retailer 

We are delighted to receive recognition for our commitment to responsibly sourced seafood, having won this year’s Marine Stewardship Council’s Sustainable Seafood Award for Mid-Sized Retailer. We are also pleased to have received Highly Commended in the Best Product Category for our Smoked Sprats. The awards recognise the focus we place on connecting our customers with responsibly sourced seafood options. 

ALDI wins the "Best Product Award" in MSC's Sustainable Seafood Awards 2022

This was awarded to ALDI's Ocean Rise Skinless and Boneless Pink Salmon. These awards recognise the emphasis we place on connecting out customers with responsibly sourced seafood options. For more information read more here

Transparent Labelling

Our customers can only make choices based on the information that’s available to them, so we appreciate how important it is to be transparent with our labelling. You certainly won’t find any fishy business on the labels of our seafood!

We’re proud of our record on responsible fish, so all of our seafood products are labelled with detailed information on what’s inside. From the scientific and common names of the fish to their country of origin, we also include information on whether the product was fished or farmed, as well as the area of the fishery it comes from.


The Ocean Disclosure Project

We have disclosed our seafood sourcing through a public profile on the Ocean Disclosure Project website. The profile includes a list of all of the fisheries supplying our wild-caught seafood sourced, along with information on the fishery management, catch method, and environmental impact.


Trace Your Tuna

Ever wondered where your tuna comes from? Not any more – you can trace any tuna that you buy in ALDI, right here. All you need to do is enter the ‘FAO’ number printed on the top of each can to find out more detailed information on the where the fish was caught.

ALDI’s entire canned tuna range is sourced using only responsible catch methods. We may be big, but we can also think small, so all of the yellowfin tuna in our Ocean Rise products are caught one-by-one using the Pole and Line method. The majority of our yellowfin tuna is also sourced from the Western and Central Pacific Ocean (WCPO), which has some of the healthiest populations of tuna in the world.

By using the Pole and Line method, which reduces accidental ‘by-catch’ of non-target species and immature tuna, our policy is helping to conserve yellowfin tuna and other marine animals in the WCPO.

It’s not just our yellowfin tuna that’s responsibly sourced. The skipjack tuna in our Portview products is also caught responsibly. We source it from across the Pacific and Indian Oceans, where populations are healthy, and we only use ships and nets that are free from damaging ‘Fish Aggregating Devices’ (FADs), or use the Pole and Line method. This greatly reduces the number of other species of fish that can be accidentally caught, as they are designed to specifically target skipjack tuna only.

*Information is managed by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations website. ALDI provides a link to this information.