We’re Committed to the Well-Being of Animals in our Supply Chain

ALDI is committed to the highest industry standards of animal welfare across our supply chain, and we work closely with our suppliers to ensure the humane treatment of animals at all stages. In recognising the dynamic nature of those supply chains and the expectations of our customers, we are continuously reviewing and improving our own internal standards and policies.

Our approach to animal welfare is guided by the globally recognised ‘Five Freedoms’ proposed by the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC).

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst - by providing ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigour.
  • Freedom from discomfort - by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area.
  • Freedom from pain, injury and disease - by prevention, or rapid diagnosis and treatment.
  • Freedom to express normal behaviour - by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animal’s own kind.
  • Freedom from fear and distress - by ensuring conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering.

Animal Welfare Management

The day-to-day management of farm animal welfare sits with our dedicated Corporate Responsibility Department. ALDI’s animal welfare strategies and policies are agreed upon on a national scale, and developed in consultation with industry.

Our animal welfare requirements form part of the contractual agreement between ALDI and producers at the time business is awarded. This ensures that all ALDI producers are responsible for the implementation of our policies.

We provide training on animal welfare topics to all buyers of animal products and we expect all of our producers to provide adequate training to all parties involved with the direct handling of animals throughout the supply chain.

If a producer is found to be non-compliant with our animal welfare policies, such as through an audit of our supply chain, our Corporate Responsibility team works with the producer to resolve this. The producer is then asked for a corrective action plan to resolve non-compliances and demonstrate that these steps have adequately addressed those non-compliances with an independent audit. If issues remain unresolved, or the same non-compliances are repeated, ALDI will take further action. This may include, but is not limited to, excluding a producer from supply.

ALDI is Committed to 100% Cage Free Eggs By No Later Than 2025

We’ve made the commitment to phase out caged shell eggs by no later than 2025. This commitment extends to both our range of exclusive-brand eggs, as well as any other brands offered to customers in our stores. This timeline allows us to work with our suppliers and other key industry members towards a sustainable and effective transition to cage-free eggs.

During the period of transition, we will provide a range of fresh eggs to our customers, providing them a variety of choices that include cage-free alternatives.

ALDI sources eggs from both small family run businesses and larger egg producers. Our suppliers must meet our specific requirements and share our passion for quality before they become business partners and we strive to work in partnership with them to get the best possible outcomes for our customers. Our co-operative and partnering approach extends to making continuous improvements that may extend over and above industry standards.

All eggs at ALDI Australia feature and comply with the descriptions and specifications listed on their packaging. These descriptions include the living conditions of cage, barn or free range hens. ALDI prides itself on its transparency, which assists our customers in making a purchasing decision based on values and affordability.

Willowton Free Range Chicken

Willowton Free Range Chickens are accredited to the Free Range Egg & Poultry Australia (FREPA) standards, meaning they are free to access outdoor pastures during daylight hours (age and weather permitting). They have access to natural food sources such as grass, bugs and grain, rather than the strict grain-only diets of conventional barn raised chickens. We believe that this results in a more enjoyable natural taste and meat texture.


We are committed to supplying humanely produced pork products. All of our fresh pork products are sourced from APIQ® (Australian Pork Industry Quality Assurance) certified and Gestation Stall Free (GSF) verified farms. This means that when you purchase ALDI fresh pork products you can be assured that our suppliers care for their animals, having been selected for their best practice animal husbandry expertise, which is reflected in the quality of the product.

Livestock Animal Welfare

All fresh meat sold at ALDI is certified by the Australian Livestock Processing Industry Animal Welfare Certification System (AAWCS). When you see this logo on pack, it means the meat you are purchasing is certified against an independently audited animal welfare program.

The AAWCS ensures our fresh meat suppliers demonstrate compliance with industry best practice requirements, as defined in the Industry Animal Welfare Standards. The standards were developed by the industry led committee comprising representatives from government, the scientific community, animal welfare organisations, as well as technical experts and Industry representatives, and are administered by the Australian Meat Industry Council. These standards require:

  • Processing staff to be professionally trained to manage livestock in accordance with low stress handling techniques, which ensures their welfare at all times.
  • Facilities and equipment to be designed to ensure minimal interference and stress to livestock.
  • Injured or sick animals are treated humanely.
  • Processing procedures are carried out in a humane and effective manner.

In addition, our fresh meat suppliers are also subject to our own annual independent audits based on our strict guidelines that go above industry benchmarks.

Animal Testing

We prohibit animal testing on any ALDI branded finished product. This is included in our contracts with suppliers.


To ensure the ethical treatment of sheep, we contractually prohibit our suppliers from using the mulesing method for products made with merino wool.

Humane Slaughter

To ensure good standards of animal welfare, all farmed meat and poultry in our own-label products are required to be pre-stunned so that the animal is unconscious and insensible to pain at the point of slaughter.

Down, Duck and Goose

For products containing down, feathers, or duck or goose meat, we contractually prohibit both live plucking and force feeding. 


As a matter of principle we do not offer any products containing angora wool or real fur.

International Position Statement

Further information can be found in the ALDI ‘International Position Statement on Animal Welfare'.