Who We Are

With over 10,000 store locations around the world and 60 years experience to go with it, ALDI’s story is a tale of unrivaled success. Since opening its first store in 1913, it has established itself as one of the most reputable and awarded retailers in the international business market.

Today, the ALDI name is synonymous with high quality and exceptional value. We offer our customers a smarter way to shop. All our exclusively branded products are of market leading quality and available at highly competitive prices. They are continually run through in-house testing and independent laboratory analysis for quality assurance.

And to ensure we keep our prices low, we don't use expensive merchandising or loyalty programs. By employing this simple model, millions of consumers across the world have been able to continuously embrace ALDI.

ALDI Australia 

ALDI Australia provides customers with the highest quality groceries at permanently low prices. We do this by offering a limited yet carefully selected product range and working closely with business partners to maximise efficiencies to deliver quality and value to customers.

ALDI Australia operates more than 570 stores in six states and territories, directly employing more than 13,500 people and working with more than 1,000 Australian business partners each day. Since opening in 2001, ALDI has contributed an estimated $30 billion to Australia’s gross domestic product. We have an Australia first sourcing approach and these partnerships represent the most significant component of our contribution to the Australian economy.

ALDI’s operating philosophy is based on the clear values: simplicity, responsibility and consistency. This is reflected in the way we interact with our people, our customers, our business partners, the communities in which we operate and the environment. This approach is essential to delivering the unique value proposition we offer Australian shoppers. We are committed to doing the right thing in every aspect of our operations and understand our responsibility to the environment, sustainable sourcing, community and health.

ALDI’s Good Different approach means our customers can expect to find consistent and reliable value every time they shop with us.