Small Business Supplier Payment Policy


At ALDI we operate with three guiding values; simplicity, consistency and responsibility. These values are lived by all of our employees on a daily basis and this extends to how we treat our business partners and the management of their payments.
We are now pleased to announce our partnership with the Business Council of Australia and the newly launched ‘Australian Supplier Payment Code’.
In all our business dealings, we act with integrity. It is our firm belief that all retailers and businesses should act in a similarly ethical way.

What does this mean?
Payment terms for all businesses that qualify under the definition of a Small Business (refer to Definition) to ALDI Australia will have their payment terms set to (if not already) 30 days from either the receipt of (correct) invoice or goods being received, whichever is the latter.

Do you qualify as a Small Business? (Definition)
ALDI Australia defines a small business supplier as the following:

  1. An Australian Business with an annual turnover up to $10 Million (exceptions apply to suppliers that are a part of a consolidated group of companies, validation of total revenue may be requested)
  2. Annual payments by ALDI Australia are less than $1 Million for Goods and/or Services

How do you sign up?
Suppliers that meet the requirements to be classified as ‘Small Business Suppliers’ can send in a request to change their payment term via email. The Registration Form can be accessed from our website, at the bottom of this page. If you require any assistance or need to discuss further, please reach out to Supplier Inquiries via email.
Annual Checkup?
Circumstances often change, and we believe everyone is entitled to a second look. If your businesses circumstances have changed in the last 12 months and you believe you now qualify, please let us know by sending the required details, via the email link below. ALDI Australia also conducts regular checks to ensure our partners are in compliance with the policy.
ALDI Australia’s supplier complaints handling and dispute resolution guidelines can be found here.

Small Business Supplier Payment Information

To request to change payment terms for suppliers who qualify under ALDI Australia's Small Business Payment Policy, you will need to supply the following information:

Business Details:

  • Company Name
  • ACN or ABN
  • ALDI Supplier Number

Contact Details:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

Company Details:

  • Total Revenue for last Financial Year below $10M (yes or no)
  • Total Sales to ALDI Australia last Financial Year under $1M
  • Can you provide verified Financial Statements for past year? (yes or no)

ALDI Australia will review your submission and review your eligibility. ALDI Australia reserves the right to reassess eligibility of suppliers. Submission of financials should be verified by a registered practice with a professional accounting body.

Submit information to via this email link:

If you have any questions, please reach out to Supplier Inquiries.