ALDI Australia Powering its Operations with 100% Renewable Electricity

Our operations will always require energy to keep our shelves stocked but as the 72nd biggest user of electricity* in Australia, we have a responsibility to ensure we find ways to limit our impact on the environment.

As part of our commitment to contribute to a more sustainable future, all our operations are powered with 100% renewable electricity which has reduced our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 85%.

In 2022, ALDI aligned with the Federal Government’s Corporate Emissions Reduction Transparency (CERT) framework to report our 100% renewable electricity commitment in a clear and consistent way*+

The procurement of renewable electricity has been achieved using a three-part approach including:

  1. Onsite generation via our extensive network of solar panels across stores and warehouses. We will have installed more than 102,000 solar panels across 296 stores amd six warehouses by the end of 2022.
  2. Offsite generation through Power Purchase Agreements with two wind farms based in Western Victoria and the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales.
  3. Third party acquisition and voluntary surrender of market renewable energy certificates.

By achieving our 100% renewable electricity milestone, we will prevent over 244,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere each year, equivalent to powering 53,143 Australian homes** or taking 71,764 cars off the road for one year***.

We have also implemented energy efficiency measures such as LED lights, reducing our total lighting energy consumption by more than 50%, as well as trialling natural refrigerant technology across our stores.

*Source: 2020/21 NGERS reporting (ALDI as the 72nd biggest user of electricity in Australia).

**Source: Australian Energy Regulator - Annual retail markets report 2019-20. (Page 116, Table A2.1 : Annual electricity usage levels. 2019-20 annual average kWh: 5,490)

***Source: National Transport Commission (based on avg. emissions from a car: 169.8gm/km, annual km: 20,000 = Annual emissions from a car: 169.8*20000/1000000 = 3.4t)

*+ *Our 100% renewable electricity commitment under CERT is reported for entities that are under our operational control for the FY2021-22 period. ALDI will continue to maintain our 100% renewable electricity commitment using the CERT framework in future years.