Zero waste to landfill by 2025

Australia wastes more than 7.3 million tonnes of food every year, costing our economy over $20 billion annually*. ALDI recognises that it has a part to play in contributing to a more sustainable future and as such, has committed to sending zero waste to landfill by 2025.

Zero waste to landfill

We are committed to minimising our waste throughout our operations by improving the waste separation processes. When food waste is deemed not suitable for human consumption, it will be sent to animal feed or compost. We are also in the process of ensuring non-hazardous waste is diverted from landfill.. 

We are also expanding segregated waste collection in our stores, to stop non-hazardous waste from being sent to landfill.

Tackle supply chain waste

ALDI is working with its supply chain to minimise waste through initiatives such as launching a range of fresh produce with minor imperfections, empowering farmers to sell more of their crops and avoid edible produce from going to waste.

Further, we will also work to investigate closed-loop opportunities with our business partners, including sending damaged pallets to be chipped into garden mulch and then sold as Special Buys.

Encourage customer recycling

ALDI is also creating new opportunities for its shoppers to help further reduce landfill waste. We will trial in-store recycling services, where common materials such as coffee capsules and soft plastics can be recycled. 

Commit to transparency

We will continue to share regular updates about how we are tracking toward achieving our goal of a zero-waste future.