Special Engagement in Bangladesh

Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh

ALDI Australia as part of the ALDI SOUTH group is actively involved in the international Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh. The aim of the Accord is to ensure safe working conditions for staff at garment factories through inspections conducted by independent experts.

As a member of the implementation team, ALDI SOUTH has also been actively involved in developing initial steps towards the implementation of the Accord. In addition to retailers, NGOs, local and international associations and labour unions have also joined the Accord.

ALDI Minimum Requirements for Bangladesh

Following the tragic building collapse in Bangladesh in April 2013, ALDI SOUTH once again underlined the fact that its defined working and social standards are binding for all suppliers.

Furthermore, we introduced minimum requirements for fire and building safety in textile factories in Bangladesh and communicated these to our suppliers.

Among other things, these requirements include comprehensive fire protection systems, a valid building permit and compliance with building regulations. For suppliers, they also include the requirement to closely monitor the social performance of the contracted production facilities.

Capacity Building in Production Facilities

In 2013, the ALDI Factory Advancement (AFA) Project was launched. This training project takes a proven dialogue approach to improving the working conditions of garment producers in Bangladesh by enabling workers and managers to identify problems in their working life and to develop appropriate solutions that fit their needs.

The core principle of the AFA Project is the joint involvement of workers and managers alike in the dialogue and decision-making processes in the factories. Workers and managers learn the skills and tools to engage in communication and cooperation, and to establish organisational structures in their own factories that ensure sustainability.

Further information on the AFA project can be found in this brochure.