Social Monitoring Program (SMP)

ALDI work in close partnership with our direct suppliers and their sub-suppliers through programs and initiatives that ensure social compliance and continuous improvement of the existing working conditions within the facilities manufacturing the goods we sell.

ALDI supports its suppliers by providing clear guidelines and instructions. As part of these measures, suppliers are required to fulfil a comprehensive obligation of transparency towards ALDI, thus ensuring that the improvement of conditions at the production facilities can be actively driven and monitored.

As part of the social monitoring program ALDI Australia requires third party social audit reports for production facilities within countries and categories that are considered at risk for insufficiently enforced social standards. The social monitoring program also supplies information to the Buying Department to allow them to consider the social aspects of the production facility in addition to quality and cost.


As the first Australian Supermarket member of the Suppliers Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex), ALDI Australia benefits from a range of market leading reporting and risk analysis tools. These tools will help identify and report on areas of high risk in the supply chain including labour standards, health and safety, the environment and business ethics, enabling staff and suppliers to take the necessary steps to address potential issues.