ALDI's Phosphate Free Laundry Range

Did you know that laundry detergents can have an effect on the environment, even after they've gone through the wash? We're the first supermarket to have our entire everyday laundry range Australian made and Phosphate free.

Phosphates can have a harmful effect on our waterways and marine life. When they are released with waste water, they can accelerate algae growth, starving aquatic life of oxygen.

Therefore we've removed phosphates from our everyday laundry detergents to help create a better future for the environment.

We also strive to

  • Deliver continual product innovation requiring lower wash temperatures, reducing household utility consumption and energy costs.
  • Develop products removing key contributors to environmental impact.
  • Concentrate formulations to reduce product weight

Why Australian Made Matters

Where your laundry detergent comes from is important. Because all our laundry detergents are Australian made, each purchase helps local manufacturers stimulate domestic economic and job growth.