ALDI Australia has reached its goal for sustainable palm oil.

ALDI is committed to the use of sustainable palm oil and are pleased to advise that 100% of palm oil used in ALDI branded food products is now sustainable.

From 2011 until December 2014 our food products have been transitioning from regular to sustainable palm oil, certified under either the Segregated or Mass Balance system. Also, many of our products have also been reformulated to remove palm oil when suitable alternatives were available.

To ensure that sustainable palm oil is contained within our products, we require our suppliers to be supply chain audited and certified, adding an additional layer of assurance. ALDI Australia is the first and only retailer to require this additional step.

ALDI Australia expresses a preference for Segregated palm oil to suppliers, however we understand the important role the Mass Balance system plays in bringing sustainable palm oil to market easily and quickly, where Segregated palm oil is not always available.

Palm oil is efficient and versatile. Many local communities depend on palm plantations for their livelihoods. To continue to enjoy the benefits of palm oil whilst minimising environmental degradation and habitat loss, ALDI supports certified sustainable palm oil.

To continue to improve the standards of certified sustainable palm oil, ALDI is also a member of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), making a concerted effort to protect the climate and the rainforest.