ALDI is committed to animal welfare. We do not accept animal testing for any of our products other than where legally required. It is our policy never to commission animal testing or to knowingly allow it to be undertaken on our behalf.

We are committed to ensuring that the animals in our supply chain are reared to relevant industry standards covering animal welfare. Suppliers of ALDI branded fresh meat (beef, lamb, pork and poultry) are required to be audited against ALDI's standards, which are based on continuous improvement.

Australian Livestock Processing Industry Animal Welfare Certification System (AAWCS)

In addition to the independent audits ALDI conduct; we are a signatory to the Australian Livestock Processing Industry Animal Welfare Certification System (AAWCS) for our fresh beef, lamb and pork. This means that all of these products are only sourced from suppliers who are certified under the AAWCS.

What stands behind the Livestock Welfare logo?

When you see this logo on pack it means the meat product you are purchasing has been produced under the AAWCS, an independently audited animal welfare program. Its role is to ensure our meat processor suppliers receive, care for and humanely process livestock to best practice animal welfare standards whilst under their control.

All ALDI branded fresh beef, lamb and pork products display the AAWCS logo. Only Australian livestock processors who can demonstrate their superior animal welfare practices and who have been AAWCS accredited can display the logo.

Customers can be assured that by purchasing ALDI branded products displaying the AAWCS logo, they are not only taking home a great tasting product but one that has been humanely processed.

How does the AAWCS work?

The AAWCS enables Australian livestock processors to demonstrate to their customers and the general community, their superior commitment to best practice animal welfare.

Participation in the AAWCS is voluntary and only available to Australian livestock processing establishments. Certified livestock processors are subject to annual checks by independent auditors. This ensures they demonstrate compliance with industry best practice animal welfare requirements defined in the 'Industry Animal Welfare Standards'.

These Standards require:

  • Processing staff to be professionally trained to manage livestock in accordance with low stress handling techniques that ensures their welfare at all times
  • Facilities and equipment to be designed to ensure minimal interference and stress to livestock
  • Injured or sick animals are treated accordingly and humanely
  • Processing procedures are carried out in a humane and effective manner

Both ALDI and the AAWCS standards are committed to continuous improvement. Standards are reviewed bi-annually by an industry-led committee. The committee includes industry experts and representatives from animal welfare groups, government and animal welfare scientists to ensure they remain current and in line with best practice.

In addition, participants must appoint an Animal Welfare Manager and implement a documented Quality Management System to ensure best practice animal welfare is maintained at all times.