We already recycle shrink-wrap used in our stores but we won’t stop there

We are committed to minimising all the waste we produce, and have proudly done so since the day we opened in 2001.

Battery Recycling at ALDI

Sending batteries to landfill can result in nasty chemicals leaking into the environment, harming local plants and wildlife. Since 2013, ALDI has been the first supermarket in Australia to offer a national battery recycling program for customers across all of our stores.

Anyone can safely and quickly drop their batteries into the battery recycling bins located in every ALDI store. We accept all AA, AAA, C, D and 9V batteries, from any brand, rechargeable or not.

Our supercharged, specialist recycling partner collects the used batteries and sends them to recycling plants for processing. In 2017, we collected and recycled more than 3.9 million batteries, diverting 95% of their materials out of landfill sites.

Since we began, we have recycled over 13.7 million batteries. That’s what we call power to the people!

For any batteries not covered by our scheme, including automotive, button, and other battery sizes, please visit RecyclingNearYou.com.au to find your nearest recycling drop-off point.

Container Deposit Scheme

We’re proud to be a part of one of Australia’s largest litter reduction initiatives: customers in NSW and SA can help keep our community clean and be rewarded at the same time.

In NSW, all you have to do is take your empty, uncrushed and unbroken containers – with original label attached – to your nearest Return and Earn collection point, with every returned container earning you 10c!

Most drink containers will be accepted, for the full list of eligible containers, see here, or to find your nearest deposit point, check on the CDS website, here.