Taking our corporate responsibility seriously

At ALDI, we take our responsibility to the community very seriously. As one of Australia's top ten Australian retailers we feel it is important to recognise and act upon our social obligations to our customers and the wider community.

Innovations like unit pricing, commitment to the same low price in every store, online shopping list and front of pack nutrition labelling, are just some of the things we do to provide complete transparency for our customers.

We are also committed to sourcing fresh produce from Australian suppliers, creating job opportunities in local communities and ensuring environmental sustainability is part of everything we do.

Our sense of responsibility goes much further than this.

We are sourcing more organic, fair trade and sustainable food products. In fact, we were the first supermarket in Australia to introduce a private label range of certified sustainable seafood.

We have also reduced food wastage throughout our business while helping others by partnering with charitable food agencies.

Responsibility is our response

We respond to social questions relating to our direct and indirect activities in a way that is in keeping with the tradition and self-perception of the ALDI SOUTH group: namely by assuming responsibility. With the introduction of the Corporate Responsibility Policy (CR Policy), we have made responsibility an integral part of our corporate decision-making processes.

Simplicity, consistency and responsibility have always been our three defining core values. As an expanding discount retailer, our actions have international influence in different markets and along the supply chain.

We are convinced that long-term business success can only be achieved only if we additionally assume responsibility for people, nature and the environment. This belief is reflected in our CR Policy.

Our CR Policy represents the binding framework for the activities of our employees, business partners and suppliers, in every area of our operations.