Barnardos is ALDI's Children's Charity of Choice

At ALDI we believe in making a significant and tangible contribution to one charity. Since 2003 we have been supporting the amazing work Barnardos undertakes to help Australian families and provide children with a better life.

Barnardos has been working with children for over 120 years. It is one of the largest children's charities in Australia, assisting over 8,000 children, young people and their families annually from all backgrounds and cultural heritage.

Specifically, Barnardos helps children who may be suffering from, or who are at risk of abuse, neglect, homelessness or poverty. They may also be at risk of being placed in welfare care. The work of Barnardos deals particularly with the prevention of abuse and entry into care. Barnardos operates children's family centres, permanency programs for 'out of home' care, adolescent services and advocacy work.

We regularly provide Barnardos with children's books, clothing, bed linen, electrical items and other household goods to distribute to those who need them most.

A $100,000 monetary gift and further revenue of $170,000 generated from Card and CD sales was donated to Barnardos in 2015.

Learn more about Barnardos and their important work by visiting: