Our Longest Community Relationship

At ALDI, 2019 marks an incredible 16 years of supporting Barnardos Australia, one of Australia’s leading children’s charities. Since 2003, ALDI has been providing Barnardos with donations of toys, books, clothing, furniture, and funds in support of their vital mission - keeping kids safe.

Barnardos works to support families and communities facing issues, such a violence, poverty, mental illness and homelessness to keep children and young people safe from abuse and neglect. 

ALDI is committed to work to support Barnardos' vision that all children and young people will have caring families in which to grow safely and fulfill their potential. 

Visit www.barnardos.org.au

Mother of the Year

ALDI are proud to be the principal sponsor for the Barnardos Mother of the Year annual Awards. 

The Mother of the Year Awards is an opportunity to celebrate the enormous contribution that mums make in shaping Australia's future.  

The awards are the largest and most recognised national award celebrating mothering and we are honored to work with Barnardos to support these everyday unsung heroes: Aussie mums. By supporting the awards, we celebrate the incredible difference mums can make in the day-to-day lives of Australia's kids. As our children's strongest supporters, wisest teachers and most patient therapists, mums have transformed the lives of young people across the country.  

Through our support, we hope to honor and empower inspirational women in every state, and celebrate their heart-warming, tear-inducing, awe-inspiring stories. 

Find out more at motheroftheyear.org.au