Letting You Know What's in Our Product

We know our products are only as good as the ingredients that go into them. We don’t just want our food to be good value, we want to make sure it’s good for you, too. That’s why all ALDI products must adhere to a number of strict policies on ingredients, including:

No Artificial Colours

We are incredibly proud that ALDI was the first – and only – retailer to abolish all artificial colours from all our products. That’s right – there’s not a single one, in any of our products, anywhere in Australia. We worked closely with all of our suppliers so that only natural colour alternatives are used, not artificial nasties. And the best bit? We didn’t compromise on taste or quality, and it won’t cost you more at the checkout, so our customers can enjoy No Artificial Colours with no artificial compromises!

No Added MSG

MSG is a flavour enhancer that is often added to food. We don’t allow any added MSG in any of our ALDI branded food or beverage products – our products are already tasty enough!

Trans-Fatty Acids

We know that trans-fats are bad for health, and bad for our customers’ hearts. That’s why trans-fatty acids will never make up more than 2% of the total fat content of any ALDI product.