Giving you the Information Needed to Make Better Decisions

We understand that one of the first steps to healthy eating is knowing what you’re eating. It should be easy to make healthy choices for you and your family, and we’re proud to say that ALDI has been at the forefront of helping our customers understand what’s healthy, and what’s not.

In fact, ALDI was the first retailer in Australia to offer front-of-pack Percentage Daily Intake (%DI) labelling across our entire range, so our customers could be clear and confident in the choices they make. We were also the first retailer to introduce unit pricing, to help our customers get the most value from their shop. That doesn’t mean we can rest easy, and we’re continually trying to find new and better ways to help our customers make buying decisions that are well-informed. Whether it be showing nutrition clearly or making allergens easy-to-spot, we have a range of policies to keep customers in the know:

Introducing Health Star Ratings

We think the more information the better, which is why we are committed to rolling out the Health Star Ratings system on all eligible ALDI exclusive products by June 2020. We’re proud to say we’ve already reached half-way, with numbers increasing every day.

The Health Star Rating is a quick and easy way for customers to understand what’s in their food. It works by rating the entire nutritional profile of a product, so it weighs up all the good stuff like fibre, protein, fruit, veg, nuts and legumes, versus the not-so-good, including sugar, salt and saturated fat. This easy-to-grasp system means our customers can quickly compare similar products: the more stars, the healthier the choice. We feel it’s a reflection of our values: simple, consistent and responsible.

We are also setting ourselves ambitious targets to improve the Health Star Rating of products across our range. We have even made the rating a consideration for all our buyers during the buying process, to maximise the healthy options in store.

To find out more, we encourage all of our customers to make sure they are clear on what makes a healthy and balanced diet, by checking Nutrition Australia’s dietary guidelines here.

On top of the %DI labelling and the Health Star Rating, we’re also proud to support the Be Treatwise logo. Since 2015, we’ve made sure any lollies, chocolate or confectionary products sold in our stores includes the logo, to help remind customers that the products are a treat food that should be enjoyed in moderation. For more information about how to enjoy treats as part of a balanced diet guilt-free, visit the Be Treatwise website, here.

National Heart Tick

At ALDI, we are proud to have been the first retailer to partner with the Heart Foundation. Through the partnership, more than 500 of our products carried the National Heart Tick, showing our shoppers they were making a healthy choice. Although the Heart Tick will soon be ‘retired’, we still have a whole lot of love for the Heart Foundation, and are continuing to work with them to help us ensure we’re providing healthier options to our customers.